SEO Keywords

This Is Why Organic Search Keywords Are Essential for Your Online Business

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4 Reasons Why All CMO’s Love Call Attribution

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Advantages of Playing Whisper Messages

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Customer Support

7 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Customer Support System

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Importance of DNI for Evaluating Parallel Online Advertisement Campaigns

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Cloud Storage

Benefits of Using Cloud Archive Solutions to Store Sales Calls

Call recording and tracking offer amazing marketing and promotional benefits for businesses. Therefore, more and more companies are recording customer support and inquiry calls for research and protection in possible legal disputes. Recording phone conversations is easy. The problem is … Read More


Can I Interpret Linguistic Cues Through Call Analytics?

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Do Consumers Support or Oppose Call Recording?

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Does Call Tracking Invade Customer Privacy?

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B2B and B2C

How Can Consumer Call Recordings Benefit B2C Marketing?

B2C marketers rarely think of call recordings as an effective way to boost sales. Regardless of popular misconceptions, call recordings can be a highly beneficial tool to improve any B2C marketing plan. Let’s look at some of the amazing benefits … Read More