Whisper messages, also known as call whispers or call screening, helps businesses handle incoming calls more effectively. A surprising number of companies are unaware of the many benefits whisper messaging can provide.

Almost all large companies depend on whisper messaging tools to properly direct inbound customer calls. However, whisper messaging is not limited to big corporations. Even a small company that gets hundreds of phone calls per day can benefit from whisper messages.

Basically, whisper messages only affect the person who answers the call, which would be your staff. The customers that call cannot hear whisper messages. While the person answering hears a short message, the caller only hears the ringing tone.

As whisper messages don’t really affect customers, businesses are usually not interested. Then again, your company might want to consider the following benefits of whisper messaging before passing up on the service:

Have the Right Staff Answer

Companies usually have a single support number connected to a large phone system. The support number receives calls related to all departments at your business. Such a system can be confusing and time-consuming for your employees to navigate. Whisper messages can help redirect calls to the right department or staff member.

For example, when a customer calls your company’s toll-free number, he or she will hear a list of options, like tech support, accounts, or sales. The customer can choose the relevant option. When the call comes through to your staff, a whisper message will indicate which option the customer has chosen. For example, a whisper message can tell the recipient that a customer has called for tech support. Then the employee can quickly redirect the call to tech support without wasting time answering. In this regard, whisper messages can make your customer support system highly efficient.

Know Where the Caller is from

Whisper messages allow your staff to screen inbound calls. If the caller has chosen a non-support related matter, the answerer can choose to hang up or redirect the call.  More importantly, screening inbound numbers can indicate where the call is coming from. The location of the caller is very important for businesses that provide localized services. For example, a national business may receive local phone calls to a central support system. Screening the call can tell the answerer if the caller is expecting support for a local service. If so, the answerer can redirect or specifically offer the local services the caller expects.

Whisper Messages Help Staff Prepare for the Call

As mentioned above, a whisper message can tell an employee what the call is about in advance. This feature can help your employee prepare his or her computer to answer the call before connecting. For example, if a customer calls regarding bill payment, the answering employee can quickly pull up the relevant digital files before the call connects. Once the call is connected, your employee is ready to serve the customer without delay.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Whisper messages allow employees to quickly prepare to provide support even before a call connects. This eliminates unnecessary delays. A customer doesn’t have to wait forever until a support staff member finds a document on the computer. Whisper messages make providing care speedy, and therefore increase overall customer satisfaction with your business.

Aid in Call Tracking Efforts

Whisper messages can also improve the efficiency of call tracking efforts. Certain call tracking software allows businesses to assign a whisper message to a phone number being tracked. So, when a customer calls using a number seen on a Google ad, a whisper message like “Google ad call” can be played to your employee. The employee can log that information in the system or the inquiry form for statistical purposes. They can also use it as an opportunity to alter their conversation approach and increase chances of a conversion.

Whisper messages can save time, eliminate delays, and make your customer support system work like a well-oiled machine overall. It may also help you gather data regarding marketing. So, don’t hesitate to incorporate whisper messages to your phone system.

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