Customer Support

The customer support system of a company is extremely important for keeping customers satisfied and coming back. Customer support problems, if not solved properly, can snowball into courtroom drama. Therefore, all businesses must invest in providing high-quality customer care. Here are several tips that might help improve your existing customer support apparatus:

1. Increase the Efficiency of the Existing System with Whisper Messages

Whisper messages are very short messages played to a staff member when they answer an inbound call. Whisper messaging is a great tool to eliminate delays and improve the efficiency of your existing phone support system. For example, when a customer calls, you can give them the option of choosing a reason for the call, like product information or technical assistance. When the customer picks an option, a whisper message will tell the answering employee why the customer is calling. The employee can then quickly prepare to answer before the call connects. Also, if the employee gets a wrongly directed call, he or she can quickly redirect the call without wasting time answering.

2. Add a Live Chat Feature to Your Company’s Website

Most customers these days are web-based. Therefore, they might never call your business with an inquiry while browsing. It’s important for a modern business to offer online support to keep these customers from looking for a competitor. Live chat is an excellent feature to have on a website. If a customer has a quick problem, live chat can instantly help them. This way, you will retain customers who don’t want to make voice calls.

3. Extend Support to 24/7

Do not limit your customer support system to only 8 hours per day. Find the resources to extend customer support to 24/7, including weekends and holidays. If your phone support system cannot be available for this long, you can combine live chat with call support. For example, when the phone support ends, you should at least have the live chat option open for interested customers.

4. Have Support Available by Text and on Social Media

Unlike traditional customers, modern consumers interact with businesses on multiple channels. It’s important to be reachable on all these channels to attract and retain new customers. A customer who liked your Facebook page might not visit your official webpage to send you an inquiry. So, have your customer support number available on all channels. In addition, you should have an employee monitoring various channels for possible inquiries.

5. Publish an FAQ Section

FAQ sections can eliminate the workload for your phone support system. Publish an FAQ list on your website and make it easily accessible to everyone. You can also occasionally feature a question from this section on social media to create awareness. Most customers do refer to FAQs before calling companies.

6. Give Options for Self-Service

Customers don’t generally like customer support. They hate waiting for representatives to answer. If a customer can solve the problem without waiting for help, they would do it. Therefore, create a self-service customer support system for small inquiries that your business receives. This way, customers can find quick answers to quick questions. Refer to the self-service customer support offered by sites like eBay for inspiration.

7. Identify and Eliminate Delays

Do not forget to assess your existing system every three months for problems. Identify what kind of problems may be causing uneasily long delays. Then you should take steps to eliminate such delays. For example, customers could end up being on hold longer because the calls are not being redirected properly to the right department. You can use a service like whisper messaging mentioned above to solve a problem like this.

Last but not least, don’t forget to train your staff to be more patient and understanding. For customer support, hire good-natured people who don’t lose their temper easily. The crisis-handling ability of your customer care reps should be top-notch to avoid nasty disputes.

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