DNI stands for Dynamic Number Insertion. DNI software is emerging as a highly useful tool for analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. This article will explain how DNI software can benefit your current marketing strategy, especially if you are running multiple ad campaigns at the same time.

Why Do You Need to Evaluate Ad Campaigns?

Evaluating the impact of an advertising campaign is a crucial step in a company’s overall marketing strategy. After all, if you want to improve your advertising, you should know which channels actually generate interest for your business.

Most businesses, especially those that are mainly online, erroneously rely on website traffic statistics to judge whether a campaign is successful or not. Assessing web traffic in this manner is problematic. Online traffic does not necessarily indicate interest or a conversion. Traffic stats can go up when a user accidentally clicks on a link. Clearly, accidental clicks do not convert to sales.

Therefore, businesses should rely on actual interest generated to assess the success of an ad campaign. An excellent indication of customer interest and potential for conversion is a phone call made to the business. Customers who call your business are the ones who have seen the advertisements and are really interested. It’s this type of customer that your business should aim to attract.

You can evaluate an ad campaign by the number of phone calls it generates. The problem is that modern marketers often buy ads on different channels like Google and social media. If your business gets a 100 phone calls, would you know which channel generated the most calls? You do need to know the channels with the best ROI to polish your strategy and eliminate financial waste. This is where DNI comes in.

What is DNI and How Can it Help?

DNI software generates a list of toll-free customer support numbers for your company. Then, the software can automatically assign these numbers for your advertisements based on target keyword, channel, geographic location, and other factors.

Once your ad campaign is in effect, and the customers start calling, DNI software will automatically gather data. When the campaign concludes, you can check the software to see which ads generated the most calls. For example, you will be able to see how many calls your Google ads generated, and how many were prompted by Facebook. If one channel significantly generates more ROI than another, you can focus on the more lucrative channel on your next campaign.

Benefits of DNI for Businesses

Obviously, DNI software can help you distinguish between the strong channels that drive phone conversions and the weak ones that are ineffective. You can then choose to dedicate financial resources to the channels that really attract the customers. If you run an ad campaign without DNI tracking, you can lose a lot of money advertising over and over on a weak channel.

DNI is also extremely helpful for attracting local customers. If your business is run nationally, your local-level engagement can suffer with just a national phone number. Local customers prefer to call local business numbers rather than national ones. DNI software can generate local toll-free numbers for local customers. If your company is already a local business, you can use DNI software to get your company a national customer support number as well.

DNI is currently one of the best tools available to assess the success of ads on social media. Relying on social media likes and shares to buy ads is not wise. Likes and shares are loosely correlated to direct sales. Phone conversions, on the other hand, are strongly correlated to direct sales. So, if you insert a dynamic phone number to a social media ad, you will have a highly effective tool to make success assessments.

All in all, DNI can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy. It will stop you from wasting money on ineffective channels and focus attention and resources on the channels that really drive your company’s sales.

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